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Austrian Eco Label

Since 2002 we are awarded with the Austrian Eco Label for tourism.

The Austrian Eco Label is awarded by the Environmental Ministry after fulfillment of high environmental criteria and standards.

As the bearer of this seal of quality, we would like to signalize that our company is paying special attention to environmental-friendliness and social management as well as to a high quality standard.

Austrian Eco Label

For your children and grandchildren, we set a high value on:

  • natural and wholesome atmosphere in house and garden
  • special support for guests arriving by public means of transportation
  • fresh air and pleasant atmosphere in the non-smoker areas
  • easy-to-handle waste separation
  • waste- and energy-optimised management
  • food from organic farming and from farms with high animal welfare standards
  • seasonal products from regional suppliers
  • an appetisingly laid table without unnecessary packaging material.

What you can do during your stay to help us protecting our environment:

  • Close the windows when the heating is on.
  • Turn off the light when you leave the room.
  • Save water: While you are brushing your teeth or shaving turn off the water in between, press the WC water-saving button and inform us, if the water taps or the WC flush leaks.
  • Towel on the floor means: please change!
  • Please separate your waste and put it in the designated containers.
  • Smoke only on places where it is permitted.
  • Preferably use public means of transport or bicycles.

Think about: What we do now for our environment is for our children and grandchildren.

Further information about the Austrian Eco Label you can find here.

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