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Vienna once and now

Vienna is the capital of Austria.

Approximately 1.7 million people live here. The city is divided in 23 districts. Vienna is a metropolis for art and culture, opera, theatre and musical as well as coffee house culture.

The history of Vienna began with a military camp of the Romans at a crossover of an old traffic route in the first century. The camp was called Vindobona. In the city center you can find remnants with remind of the Roman time.

In the Middle Ages Vienna developed to an important commercial metropolis.
The greatest importance attained Vienna under the Habsburger. In the 15th century Vienna became one of the largest European cities. The epoch of the baroque and rococo shapes the city until today. Schönbrunn was built after a model of Versailles. The famous composers Mozart, Haydn and Beethoven lived and worked in Vienna.

Vienna had its time of prosperity in the second half of the 19th century. This was the time of the k&k (imperially royal) double monarchy of Austria Hungary.
In the period of promoterism the city wall was departed and the monumental building around the Ring were built. Also the Austrian Giant Ferris Wheel was built and Johann Strauß son composed the Walzer.
Well-known artists, like Brahms, Bruckner, Mahler, Klimt, Arthur Schnitzler and Stefan Zweig lived and worked in Vienna around the turn of the century. The traditional Viennese coffee house culture was also developed in that time.

Vienna has its name from the river call Vienna, which rises at the western of the city, flows straight through Vienna and flows at the Urania into the Danube canal.

Since 2000 years there are wine gardens in and around Vienna. Vienna is well-known for it's wine and it's wine taverns.

Schönbrunn and the internal city of Vienna belong to the world cultural heritage.

Visit Vienna and discover the Viennese charm yourself.  

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