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Why come to Vienna now?

Many reasons to come to Vienna now

You are probably wondering why you should come to our capital, Vienna, in this difficult time. Quite simply, right now you have the opportunity to get to know Vienna carefree and genuinely - without mass tourism - without long queues in the museums and sights - without jostling in the Schönbrunn Zoo - enjoy special exhibitions, stroll through our pedestrian zones, e.g. Kärntner Straße and visit St. Stephen's Cathedral with the Pummerin.

According to the motto "A real Viennese does not go under" we go on and show you some reasons to visit our beautiful city DIFFERENTLY, without great hustle and bustle - with a little distance, 1m;).

Why stay at the Hotel Praterstern?

  • We are a family business and take a lot of time for each guest.
  • Almost all sights can be reached on foot or by bike. There is no need for public transport.
  • We have a beautiful garden. So you don't have to go out to be in the green.
  • Our house has relatively few beds, but offers plenty of space for everyone. So there is never a gathering of people.
  • We would be happy to advise you individually, also with regard to the current Corona measures.
  • Our rooms were freshly renovated shortly before the crisis began.
  • Because we run our hotel with love, passion and commitment.

Our rooms

Enjoy your stay in our comfortable and brightly decorated rooms.
You can choose from a simple single room to a spacious family room.
Our single and double rooms were completely renovated and equipped in spring 2020.

Our packages

Browse through our current packages, there is sure to be something for you.

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